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Planning your wedding is not an easy task. It takes time, effort and planning to turn your wedding day into the wedding you have always dreamed of having. On the day itself, you can look forward to a whirlwind of joy, excitement and emotion. This is where the importance of a wedding photographer and videographer comes in. To capture all the special moments during your wedding, it is always better to hire a professional. It may be tempting to cut costs and ask a friend or family member who is handy with a camera or camcorder to record the day for you. However, keep in mind that these are photographs that you will want to keep forever. Once the wedding is over, these you will be able to look back on what was captured and relive your special day again.

Therefore, the importance of a wedding photographer and videographer should be considered. Keep in mind that a professional photographer and videographer will have the necessary experience of having worked at a number of previous weddings. Therefore, he or she will photograph you in the best light and also the most flattering angles. A friend or family member who takes the photographs will not be able to incorporate the finishing touches that a professional can. When considering the importance of a wedding photographer and videographer, keep in mind that this is one aspect of your wedding where you shouldn’t cut corners.

A professional photographer and videographer of considerable experience may be expensive, but if you put in some research, you should be able to find someone within your budget. The best way to get a good photographer and videographer is to meet them in person and see their works.

Therefore, you will be able to find a professional that suits your needs and meets your budget. The importance of a wedding photographer and videographer will be revealed when you get the finished product. As you go through your wedding photos, or watch your wedding video, you will be able to relive those special moments all over again and enjoy them for many years to come.

There are about 7 billion people in this crazy world and 1.72 million people in Kuala Lumpur. The chances of meeting your God’s best might be a little difficult, but once you do, it will be all worth it. You will have a reason to live, to wake up each morning knowing that you are in this world for a reason and that same reason of Mun Wei and Ken Meng brought everyone together to witness a lifetime commitment of love.

Sometimes it is not how long you’ve known each other or if you can just count with your fingers the moments you’ve shared together, when you finally find what is best, you’ll just know. Get ready to be awed with our next heartwarming video as they finally found each other and get married in Maya Hotel.

Wedding Video Of Mun Wei & Ken Meng in Hotel Maya Malaysia

Have you ever been to a Hindu Wedding? A Hindu wedding is called vivaha, and the wedding ceremony is called vivaah sanskar. The wedding ceremony is traditionally conducted entirely, or at least partially in Sanskrit, considered by Hindus as the language of holy ceremonies. Wishing, hoping, praying. Ever since we discovered the concept of love, most of us have wished, hoped and prayed to have someone in our lives that we can spend the rest of our lives holding hands with. Today we have Saravanan & Buvanes wedding video at Sri Maha Kaliamman Temple in Serdang, Kuala Lumpur. It is her smile that’s drawn him close. Her laugh gave him strength to speak and her touch made dreams into reality. It is the day when he offered his hand and the day when she accepted. Never letting go and holding on forever we give you a tear jerker video which will surely capture your hearts. It was a real privilege to be a part of their wedding and to have the opportunity to film with such a lovely couple. So here are their wedding video highlights showing their perfect moments. Enjoy our latest work with our very lovely Saravanan & Buvanes.

Indian Wedding Ceremony Of Buvanes & Saravanan in Sri Maha Kaliamman Temple Serdang.